RG21. A wooden jewellery box. The cube comprises five drawers on its five usable sides, with handles made of cotton thread.
The RG21 is a unique jewelry box for its size, its functionality and the materials in which it is built. Rui Grazina has reduced its size to a minimum and given it five usable faces with the same number of drawers, all of different shapes and functions. It has the dimensions of18x18x18cm. The piece was released initially as RG02 in 2008 and after some very successful years, there was a change in production. It remained one of the most required pieces and at the end of 2014 the opportunity occurred and it made perfect sense to give it a new life, to do a re-interpretation of the existing piece, while at the same time transforming it through the use of completely new materials. The RG21 is made with a recycled plywood birch. The handles are handmade in cotton thread. The new materials enable the object to acquire entirely new qualities from the visual standpoint, the qualities of touch, and refinement of construction detail. Photography by Nelson Garrido and Rui Grazina.