RG13 WITHIN. Architecture, photography, memory. As a metaphor for architecture, the cube is deconstructed, disclosing the jewel within. Following the launch of the Lisbon Architecture Guide 1948-2013, Architecture Bookshop A+A challenged designer Rui Grazina, in collaboration with photographer Fernando Guerra, to design a piece to celebrate the event.
The set of six pieces, designated WITHIN, had its first edition in December 2013, and is the first of a series that intends to show outstanding buildings in Lisbon.
The piece is made of Burel, a 100% wool handmade fabric, produced in Portugal by Burel Factory.
Each of the six pieces carries an initial of the word WITHIN, and consists of a number of square layers of Burel wool that are sewn together to form a small cube, each level featuring a narrow opening in its center. When the piece is folded on its closed shape, the interior slot houses a 4x4cm print of an iconic architecture project, set on an aluminium support.

Fernando Guerra / FG+SG
Fernando Guerra is an architectural photographer. His training, however, is as an architect. 15 years ago, he opened studio FG+SG together with his brother, and both are responsible in large part for the diffusion of Portuguese contemporary architecture. Fernando Guerra’s work is regularly published in various national and international publications. ultimasreportagens.com

A+A Architecture Bookshop Travessa do Carvalho, 25 – Lisboa. livrariaamaisa.pt
Burel Factory 100% wool handmade products. burelfactory.com