RG10. Burel for Surface project. In the context of Microsoft’s Surface tablet launch in Portugal, Rute Gomes Design studio in collaboration with Burel Factory, challenged the designer Sara Lamúrias from aForest Design and main designer for Burel Factory, and architect Rui Grazina. The project Burel for Surface was presented to Microsoft Portugal, and got an immediate support from the company.
The proposal for a bag made of Burel to accomodate Microsoft’s new tablet, starts from the ideia of using just one plane surface of Burel. This plane surface of fabric, through cutting and consecutive folding then aquires a tridimensio- nal shape. When closed, it assumes a transport and protection function, while when on its unfolded shape it becomes a work support element. It can carry a number objects – from notebooks, to pens, or a flash drive, for instance – an assorted range of objects that bring together technology and common place objects that still remain familiar to us. www.burelfactory.com Photography by João Bacelar.